Crack the Code of Salary Negotiation with ChatGPT

Crack the Code of Salary Negotiation with ChatGPT
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You can simulate any question-answer meeting and interview situation with ChatGPT. AI can play the role of an employer, employee, or neutral third party in this negotiation. In this example, the AI will be prompted to simulate a “salary increase negotiation” where you will be the one who is asking, and the AI will be your boss 🙂.

Generally, ChatGPT will try to go through these phases in the discussions

  1. Introduction and Clarification
  2. Understanding the Employer’s Perspective
  3. Negotiation
  4. Conclusion
Crack the Code of Salary Negotiation with ChatGPT

Try it for Yourself!

Simulate a salary negotiation meeting at [Microsoft]. I am working as [Product Owner] currently, earning [$150k]. I am looking for a salary raise and you are the boss in this negotiation meeting. You will ask me the proper questions as if we were in that meeting. I will respond. Only ask the following question after I have responded.

Replace the [Microsoft], [Product Owner] and [$150k] with your values. If you don’t want to specify a company you can just put the industry like Software industry. ChatGPT will use industry standard salary ranges and value from Glassdoor or similar sites.

By engaging in similar simulated salary negotiation meetings, you can build the confidence you always wanted by practicing articulating your value and negotiating your worth. This short simulation will help you to practice real-life negotiation, reducing anxiety and that heavy feeling in your chest. Give it a try and rock at your negotiation meeting 💰💰💰!



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